A New Day

Today is the fist blog post on my new site. This site is a brain child of two worlds that have collided. The first world is mine, and how taking pictures of my kids growing up playing sports and acting in their school plays have grown to be a big part of my life. The second is one of my kids. My oldest daughter actually and watching her and her husband raise their two children.

My photography, while it started out simply as a way to document my kids and their growing up, has morphed into a time consuming hobby/passion. Photography has taken me to other states and allowed me to share my creativity. It has also allowed me to share all the experiences myself and my family have had over the years through videos and slideshows.

My daughter brings to the table not so much experience and that is the humor that will come out in this blog. She was blessed with a strong willed, very intelligent first child. Her second child is laid back and a bundle of joy, most of the time. Her experiences with raising her children and her ability to eloquently document such experiences on social media has entertained all that know her for sometime.

Her social media posts on various sites has resulted in a very strong demand from family and friends to write down those experiences.  So since I photograph my grand kids a lot, and she shares her humerus experiences we have decided to join forces.

This blog will be shared by the both of us. We promise to try and keep the posts non political and mostly upbeat and fun. After all who doesn’t need a little fun in their day from time to time.