Dinner Time

The below story is taken from my daughter, Kaylee Collins Facebook status. Re posted with her knowledge and permission.


Me: *invents new recipe; realizes baby can’t feed himself soup, so cuts up an apple on the side*
KB: *already having watched too much Food Network in her 3.5 years of life* Mommy, what have you prepared for us today?
Me: I made Summertime CSA Corn Chowder. Enjoy!
KB: Hmmm…Daddy, what have you prepared for us today?
Joey Collins: Apples. I grew them from seeds. [If “growing from seeds” actually means “also came in the CSA bag.”]
KB: Daddy, you win. Mommy, you’ve been Chopped.
Me: *flips table* **does not actually flip table but does inform eldest offspring that she can either eat soup or clean her room** ***SURPRISE…KB chose to clean her room.*** (<—not an actual surprise)