Dinner Time

The below story is taken from my daughter, Kaylee Collins Facebook status. Re posted with her knowledge and permission.


Me: *invents new recipe; realizes baby can’t feed himself soup, so cuts up an apple on the side*
KB: *already having watched too much Food Network in her 3.5 years of life* Mommy, what have you prepared for us today?
Me: I made Summertime CSA Corn Chowder. Enjoy!
KB: Hmmm…Daddy, what have you prepared for us today?
Joey Collins: Apples. I grew them from seeds. [If “growing from seeds” actually means “also came in the CSA bag.”]
KB: Daddy, you win. Mommy, you’ve been Chopped.
Me: *flips table* **does not actually flip table but does inform eldest offspring that she can either eat soup or clean her room** ***SURPRISE…KB chose to clean her room.*** (<—not an actual surprise)

Author: tb018

I am a 52 year old husband, father to 5, and grandfather to 2 (so far). I am very active and love the outdoors. As my years go by it seems that I get "into" something and it becomes almost an obsession with me. Immersing myself into that thing. In the past motocross racing, triathlons, and work have been my focuses. Now it's photography. Recently I have been asked to start taking pictures for other people. And that has gone surprisingly well, so far. Everyday I try to learn something new about taking pictures, I try and challenge myself while identifying my style. I love the challenge of getting that shot, and expressing myself through pictures. Who knows maybe this will be the one, maybe not.

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