Down Set Hut

Matt is a Senior in High school and is about to graduate and find way in the world.  Like all teenagers about to graduate he has endless possibilities to explore.

He has plans to attend college and play baseball after high school. I recently spent some time with Matt and enjoyed taking his pictures.

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For your entertainment

Yet another funny Facebook status from my daughter centering around her life and her kids, KB.


*flipping through the channels, Joey stops at a women’s UFC fight*
KB: Daddy, tell that girl to get her head out of that girl’s vagoina.
Joey Collins: *struggling to stay serious* They are just fighting.
KB: Oh. *half a minute pause* So we are just going to stare at their butts now?
Joey: *changes channel to Food Network*


Another post from my daughters Facebook page detailing her every interesting interactions between herself and oldest daughter.


Made my daughter cry today. Went like this…
KB: I want a snake book from the library!
Me: Nope.
KB: Why?
Me: No snakes. Ever. Inside, outside, to date…zero.
KB: They won’t be real, just pictures!
Me: I don’t care. The answer stands.
KB: *crying* But I like snakes.
Me: No, you dont, and you can read as many snake books at the library as you want, but they aren’t coming home. Here. Have a cookie.
KB: *accepts change of topic/bribe with gusto*