Down Set Hut

Matt is a Senior in High school and is about to graduate and find way in the world.  Like all teenagers about to graduate he has endless possibilities to explore.

He has plans to attend college and play baseball after high school. I recently spent some time with Matt and enjoyed taking his pictures.

PAS_5820_00152PAS_5762_00145PAS_5048_00118PAS_4847_00101 copyPAS_4800_00097PAS_4762_00084 copy_edited-1PAS_4710_00079PAS_4700_00078PAS_4628_00058PAS_4578PAS_4582PAS_4609_00055DSC_0096_3652DSC_0096 copyDSC_0152 copyDSC_9988 copyDSC_0068

Author: tb018

I am a 52 year old husband, father to 5, and grandfather to 2 (so far). I am very active and love the outdoors. As my years go by it seems that I get "into" something and it becomes almost an obsession with me. Immersing myself into that thing. In the past motocross racing, triathlons, and work have been my focuses. Now it's photography. Recently I have been asked to start taking pictures for other people. And that has gone surprisingly well, so far. Everyday I try to learn something new about taking pictures, I try and challenge myself while identifying my style. I love the challenge of getting that shot, and expressing myself through pictures. Who knows maybe this will be the one, maybe not.

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