Out and About

Out and About will be a semi regular blog topic for me in the future. It will be used to share and talk about pictures I take while, Out and About.

I regularly take walks and hikes to spend time with my wife, walk the dog, or for exercise. In addition, I am also fortunate to do a little bit of traveling throughout the year. Occasionally, while on these hikes and trips I take my camera with me.

This Blog can give me a platform to share some of these pictures from places visited and locations enjoyed. In addition it gives me a chance to showcase places near me that I call home, North East Ohio.

The following set of photos are pictures I took sometime during the Summer of 2017 in downtown Cleveland. I set out to try different things in my photography. I wanted to challenge myself with different settings, locations, and styles that where new to me. Trying to learn new things.

In these pictures I was trying to work on composition. Trying to capture a location in a new way or from a different perspective. Enjoy.

7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (6)7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (12)7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (11)7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (4)7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (3)7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (1)

Weekly Photo Challenge

Word Press holds a weekly photo challenge. These are one word challenges. This weeks word is experimental. Post your photo that best represents your interpretation of the word “experimental”.

Here’s mine.

I think of experimental when I see this picture because I took it without really any idea how it would turn out. I took this picture as well as others that day just :experimenting” with different settings, angles and locations that I had never taken before. So to me this is experimental.

7-17-17 Downtown Cleveland (2)