New Year, New Me

My 2019 outlook

Naw, not really. No new me, just the same old straight forward, and to the point me I have always been.

However, the “New Year” does bring a sense of being able to “Start over”. It brings a fresh outlook on the upcoming year. A way for people to reset themselves. So I guess it’s sort of like a “New Me”, is possible.

I do look forward to this and every year, in anticipation as to what it will hold for me and others. Just think back to last year at this time, so many things that happened were unforeseen. Both good and bad.

Are you still in the same job, house, marriage etc..? Did we loose a loved one, or gain one in the past year? Win the lottery or loose a fortune? So many unforeseen things, both big and small happened to us all.

So even though I am not going to loose that weight I gained (although Id love to), I’m not going to stop cursing or start fostering stray dogs in the community (my wife would kill me), I do look forward to how the new year will change or my life and those around me.

Sit back and enjoy the ride, that’s what I’m going to do. But I’ll probably do it with a glass of bourbon in my hand. You?


It seems I have been busy, and as a result not very active on my blog page. Well, here is an update. Beside life and work getting in the way of my free time, I have been taking a few pictures.

Senior pics, some sports, lifestyle pictures, and and engagement photo session.

Until next time, below are a few for your enjoyment.


Another FB Post

Myles: Eat?
Me: Go eat the muffin I gave you.
Myles: No.
Me: It has chocolate chips in it.
Myles: No.
Me: *thinking*
Me: It has candy in it.
Myles: *face lights up like a disco ball* YEAH! *runs away to consume banana chocolate chip muffin*

I mean, it also has zucchini. Which is probably why he initially refused breakfast.

Another FB Post

Once again stolen from my adult daughters Facebook page.

*putting KB to bed*
KB: Mommy, will you check my closet and bed for monsters?
Me: You know what deters monsters?
KB: *clearly distrustful* What?
Me: A clean room.
KB: You’re just saying that to get me to clean my room.
Me: Is it working?
KB: *jaunty glare* No. Now check for the monsters and go.

The Eyes Have It

8-11-18 Keystone vs St Paul (59)

The eyes tell all. I recently took some pictures at a local high school football game. This pictures was one that turned out. Funny thing is I wasn’t looking for this “shot”. In post edit I saw it, did a little crop and turned it into a black and white to emphasize the eyes. Funny how once in a while a shot turns up when you were least expecting it.

Another Facebook Post

And another in the long line of “borrowed” Facebook posts from my adult daughter.


Just in case anyone is a new Facebook friend of mine and still curious what it’s like to have children, let me lay out my day for ya:
-I was awoken at 7am by blood curdling screams…for a banana.
-after cuddling my son for 30 minutes, I realized poop had leaked from his diaper, onto my leg.
-I showered at 1:30pm. I think? Did I shower? Or was that a dream? It was an embarrassingly long time after the poop incident, if I did.
-my four year old spent just over 15 minutes sitting in the middle of the floor, silent, doing nothing, moving nary an inch, locked in a stare off with me until she decided to tell me why I found her lunch in an empty box by the garbage.
-there is lipstick on the toilet seat. I’m trying not to think about this one too hard.
-therea toothpaste on my phone, but I don’t remember brushing my teeth.
-realized that “Throw this away” evidently translates to “Toss this down the laundry shoot” to my 20 month old. This discovery came today when I happened upon a collection of dirty diapers amidst the laundry I was sorting.
-I’m still drinking my cold coffee at 8pm.

They haven’t been put to bed yet, so I’m sure there’s still time for more shenanigans, but by then I will be deep into a Blue Moon and too tired to reminisce.