Facebook Again

In the borrowed Facebook Status below KB is my Granddaughter, and Me is my Daughter. This stuff happens all the time. Sometimes some of them just need to be documented for the purpose of preserving them for the future.


KB: Turn on a movie for me.
Me: No.
KB: Fine. Go to bed. One…two…three! Why are you not in your bed?
Me: Bc you can’t tell me what to do.
KB: Well, we are playing house. I’m the mom. Honey, would you like to watch TV? I’ll turn it on for you. Or you could do it yourself.
Me: *laughing*
KB: Are you laughing at me? That’s it. You’re going to sleep RIGHT NOW.

This kid is sly. She also has learned how to mom somewhere. I can’t imagine who from.

Another Facebook Status

Meal time at my daughters house the other day. KB (granddaughter) comes up with yet another head shaking moment. This is yet again another of my adult daughters Facebook status driven by real life moments.

Me, to my daughter: You eat your dinner. You don’t eat, then you don’t get a dessert or snack or ANYTHING for the rest of the night.
*An hour later*
Me: *finds KB in the bathroom, guiltily eating her strawberry flavored toothpaste* Well, played, child. Well played.

Another Facebook Status

As many of you know, I sometimes post the rather funny Facebook status’s of my adult daughter. The posts are funny because they almost always are quotes from her 4, going on 24 year old daughter.

The child is too smart for her age and comes up with some witty and funny quotes out of the blue. Below is yet another one:

KB: *referencing her brother* Mommy, can you put this child to bed? He’s bothering me.
Me: Gee, I wonder what that’s like?

Out and About

Its been s while since I have posted in my Out and About segment. I have been rather busy with life. Just the day to day Dad, employee and other life business. We have all been there.

This Out and About is inspired by my pets. A few pictures of my animals, and I don’t mean my kids, LOL.

Foky pics (2)DSC_0215_242DSC_02157-9-17 (62)_16597-9-17 (62)7-9-17 (4)_16437-9-17 (4)1-2018 (2)

Out and About (Black and White)

On a recent trip to the Monterey California I took a lot of pictures. Lots. The views of Monterey Bay and the coast along Highway 1 were fantastic.

Its hard to explain how breathtaking some of the scenery can be. By making some of my photos black and white it helped to capture the contrast and detail of the area. Hope you enjoy.

11-2017 Monterey and DLI (195) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (169) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (93) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (58) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (234) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (206) copy

Out and About

With the cold weather taking over I thought it would be nice to do my “Out and About” segment on something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and out.

These images are from a day at Lake Eerie and from a recent trip to the Monterey California area.

I hope these pictures warm you up on a cold day. I hope they bring you that moment of relaxation that you might need on a busy and hectic day. I hope you just enjoy them.


11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (64)11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (69)11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (43)11-22-17 Monterey DLI Graduation Day 1(9)11-22-17 Monterey DLI Graduation Day 1(6)6-2-17 (16)6-2-17 (15)