The things kids say!

The below exchange happened between my adult daughter and her soon to be 4 year old, KB.

*trying to weed out old clothes and toys*
Me: Do you want to give away this hat?
KB: Oh, yeah. That hat stresses me out. Someone else can have it.
Me: *tosses it in bag* Hopefully it gives another little girl joy and not stress.

Another Facebook Status

Me: Kaydi Belle! Wake up, baby.
KB: *rustling blankets* I’m a little tired.
Me: Me, too, but Mommy has to go to work.
KB: I don’t want to get up.
Me: *putting on my hostage negotiating hat and trying not to panic* I understand, but you have to go to Grandma’s. I have to work, and if you don’t get up and get ready, I will be late and then I will get in trouble.
KB: *opens one eye, narrowly* For waking me up?


“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”  — Wayne Gretzky
Think about it for a minute. Sounds simple, but its very true.
If you never try, you will never succeed. I guess you could also say that you would never fail. I guess you’d go through life as a tie game. How boring is that.
Trying something, even if you fail is important. Trying, no matter if you win or fail, teaches us life’s lessons and experience. From these life’s lessons we grow and move on. From the experience gained we can teach and help others.
So don’t be afraid to take that shot in life.


Here it is August 7th and I’m wearing sweat pants and a hooded sweat shirt because it’s cold outside. Is it Fall? Where did summer go? Is there actually something to this global warming, ehh, climate change?  Naw.

However, when Fall is officially allowed to enter my radar I’ll be thankful. You see Fall is the season of new beginnings. I know some might say Springs is, but in my opinion, it’s Fall. Why you ask?

Fall is when the kids go back to school, which means new school clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, and school supplies. Football starts, and and everybody is excited about wearing those new jeans with their school/team sweat shirt around town to show their team/school pride.  It’s also the time when Jr high kids move up to high school, and High school seniors begin their last year of school before moving on to the beginning of adulthood.

Fall is a reset season filled with the hope for new and exciting memories. It’s a time of anticipation that brings with it a cool breeze that refreshes everything.

Words by Paul

“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

– Paul “Bear” Bryant

Quotes like this are great because they can be applied to everyday life. Sports are a foundation for life. They teach you teamwork, the importance of hard work and preparation, and how to deal with loss and disappointment.

What I think Paul Bryant was talking about in this quote was much bigger than just sports. I think he was talking about the character of a person. If an athlete has the will to prepare then he/she definitely understands that everything in life does not come easy. He/she understands that hard work pays off, and that anything worth having is worth working for.

Does that mean that someone who didn’t play sports can’t have the will to prepare? No, absolutely not, but like just about anything else in life it has to come from somewhere.

The non-sports people who have the will to prepare were probably raised, or somehow influenced by a person(s) in their life that taught them determination and the will to win and prepare. Sports is just a place where the will can be learned, practiced, and ingrained into a person over a long period of time.

Your thoughts?


The below transcript was taken from my oldest daughters Facebook page. Its another incident in the day of the life of a young mother.

*taking out the car seats and $2 worth of coins call out of Myles’ seat*
Me: I’m not sure how that happened…
KB: WHOA…Myles is pooping money out his butt!

Having a baby brother just became more lucrative for Kaydi Belle’s piggy bank.


Dinner Time

The below story is taken from my daughter, Kaylee Collins Facebook status. Re posted with her knowledge and permission.


Me: *invents new recipe; realizes baby can’t feed himself soup, so cuts up an apple on the side*
KB: *already having watched too much Food Network in her 3.5 years of life* Mommy, what have you prepared for us today?
Me: I made Summertime CSA Corn Chowder. Enjoy!
KB: Hmmm…Daddy, what have you prepared for us today?
Joey Collins: Apples. I grew them from seeds. [If “growing from seeds” actually means “also came in the CSA bag.”]
KB: Daddy, you win. Mommy, you’ve been Chopped.
Me: *flips table* **does not actually flip table but does inform eldest offspring that she can either eat soup or clean her room** ***SURPRISE…KB chose to clean her room.*** (<—not an actual surprise)