It seems I have been busy, and as a result not very active on my blog page. Well, here is an update. Beside life and work getting in the way of my free time, I have been taking a few pictures.

Senior pics, some sports, lifestyle pictures, and and engagement photo session.

Until next time, below are a few for your enjoyment.


The Eyes Have It

8-11-18 Keystone vs St Paul (59)

The eyes tell all. I recently took some pictures at a local high school football game. This pictures was one that turned out. Funny thing is I wasn’t looking for this “shot”. In post edit I saw it, did a little crop and turned it into a black and white to emphasize the eyes. Funny how once in a while a shot turns up when you were least expecting it.

Another Facebook Post

Yet another funny Facebook post between my daughter (Me) and my Granddaughter (KB).  Oh how fun it is to see child rearing from the other side.

Me: You aren’t going to ride your bike?
KB: It’s too hot. I’m just gonna chill with you. I wish I had something cold and frozen and sweet to cool me off.
Me: If you want a popsicle, just ask for a popsicle.
KB: I can have a popsicle?
Me: No.
KB: Rude.

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Out and About (Black and White)

On a recent trip to the Monterey California I took a lot of pictures. Lots. The views of Monterey Bay and the coast along Highway 1 were fantastic.

Its hard to explain how breathtaking some of the scenery can be. By making some of my photos black and white it helped to capture the contrast and detail of the area. Hope you enjoy.

11-2017 Monterey and DLI (195) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (169) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (93) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (58) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (234) copy11-2017 Monterey and DLI (206) copy