Out and About

With the cold weather taking over I thought it would be nice to do my “Out and About” segment on something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and out.

These images are from a day at Lake Eerie and from a recent trip to the Monterey California area.

I hope these pictures warm you up on a cold day. I hope they bring you that moment of relaxation that you might need on a busy and hectic day. I hope you just enjoy them.


11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (64)11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (69)11-23-17 Big Sur and Misc (43)11-22-17 Monterey DLI Graduation Day 1(9)11-22-17 Monterey DLI Graduation Day 1(6)6-2-17 (16)6-2-17 (15)