It seems I have been busy, and as a result not very active on my blog page. Well, here is an update. Beside life and work getting in the way of my free time, I have been taking a few pictures.

Senior pics, some sports, lifestyle pictures, and and engagement photo session.

Until next time, below are a few for your enjoyment.


The Eyes Have It

8-11-18 Keystone vs St Paul (59)

The eyes tell all. I recently took some pictures at a local high school football game. This pictures was one that turned out. Funny thing is I wasn’t looking for this “shot”. In post edit I saw it, did a little crop and turned it into a black and white to emphasize the eyes. Funny how once in a while a shot turns up when you were least expecting it.

Down Set Hut

Matt is a Senior in High school and is about to graduate and find way in the world.  Like all teenagers about to graduate he has endless possibilities to explore.

He has plans to attend college and play baseball after high school. I recently spent some time with Matt and enjoyed taking his pictures.

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