It seems I have been busy, and as a result not very active on my blog page. Well, here is an update. Beside life and work getting in the way of my free time, I have been taking a few pictures.

Senior pics, some sports, lifestyle pictures, and and engagement photo session.

Until next time, below are a few for your enjoyment.


Facebook Again

In the borrowed Facebook Status below KB is my Granddaughter, and Me is my Daughter. This stuff happens all the time. Sometimes some of them just need to be documented for the purpose of preserving them for the future.


KB: Turn on a movie for me.
Me: No.
KB: Fine. Go to bed. One…two…three! Why are you not in your bed?
Me: Bc you can’t tell me what to do.
KB: Well, we are playing house. I’m the mom. Honey, would you like to watch TV? I’ll turn it on for you. Or you could do it yourself.
Me: *laughing*
KB: Are you laughing at me? That’s it. You’re going to sleep RIGHT NOW.

This kid is sly. She also has learned how to mom somewhere. I can’t imagine who from.

Another Facebook Status

Meal time at my daughters house the other day. KB (granddaughter) comes up with yet another head shaking moment. This is yet again another of my adult daughters Facebook status driven by real life moments.

Me, to my daughter: You eat your dinner. You don’t eat, then you don’t get a dessert or snack or ANYTHING for the rest of the night.
*An hour later*
Me: *finds KB in the bathroom, guiltily eating her strawberry flavored toothpaste* Well, played, child. Well played.

Grand kids and discipline

Why do they make grand kids so adorable. It makes it difficult to be the hard ass that I portray to the outside world. My grand kids don’t see me as a hard ass, they simply see me as Pa.

For instance, today while getting ready to leave with my wife, my granddaughter began complaining about her shoes. She said she didn’t want to wear them because they were not tight enough. Grandma told her that those were the only shoes she had brought with her, and that she had to wear them.

Being the supportive Pa that I am, I told her that the shoes she had on looked nice. She quickly fixed her gaze upon me from the floor that she was sitting on and said, “Don’t say that Pa, I don’t like the sound of your voice!”

Well I had to get stern with the young lady. I told her that what she said was rude and mean. I then told her to go to her room. For some reason I didn’t loose my mind. Had one of my own children said that to me in their pre-teen years (heck any of their years), I would have come unglued.

My granddaughter was not afraid, intimidated, or at all concerned of the words she had just uttered or what I might do about them. She simply stood up and faced me with her slightly squinted and determined eyes. She then turned on her heel and proceeded to swiftly walk to her bedroom down the hall. When I heard the door slam, I looked at my wife and said, “Should I go down there?” Smartly she said no.

A short time later, she came out and said that she was sorry. I accepted, and she left with Grandma. However, that exchange with my granddaughter earlier in the morning got me thinking about where she would learn to be that determined ad unafraid in her dressing down of me. All I came up with was that she must have learned that from her mother. Then I thought, “Damn, I raised her, so is it indirectly my fault”?

Little Italy-Aquarium 7-11-17 (7)

Naw can’t be

~ Pa